Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miss me yet?

Last week this billboard appeared on a highway

Bill Maher had the most brilliant response

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The President said I don't begrudge, and I fully believe him

Here's another gem that I found over at DU from user AllentownJake, who I have a great deal of respect for. I admire his dedication and insight on how to move the United States forward in a progressive direction. Jake, thanks for letting me share your brilliant post with my blog audience.

When the President says he doesn't begrudge Goldman and JP Morgan's CEOs I fully believe him, because every action he's taken since after election day, say that is 100% true.

1) Appointing Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. The guy who took tax payer dollars and handed it over to Golman Sachs, in the year long quest to "save the world" from the banksters facing consequences for their actions. When Tim was appointed, some people thought he had turned state evidence, he was now going to be working for the good guys! He was the Joe Kennedy of 2009! 2009 has shown, that is not the case.

2) Backdoor bailouts. The Fed has undergone a toxic asset purchase program (this is what TARP was originally supposed to be), however, the institution that prints our money can't let anyone know any details about it, and conducting an audit for congress would be bad according to the people at the Fed. Now the President does not control the Federal Reserve, but he picks the Fed Chair every 4 years. He reappointed Ben Bernake, which is a defacto endorsement of the policy of purchasing toxic assets from failed institutions and not letting anyone know what you paid for them.

3) Rewriting tax rules to extend losses and reduce tax liability. If you hate the bonuses, there is a policy undertaken in 2009 that rewrote some tax rule interpretations to reduce the liability of Too Big to Fail. They don't pay those bonuses without the tax breaks.

4) Finance reform policy proposed to congress was weak in 2009. It was panned by nearly every single major activist on this issue as doing next to nothing. Barney Frank's finance committee took a weak bill and made it weaker and the White House was next to silent on it.

5) Freddie has been given unlimited ability to buy toxic mortgages in 2010. Another one of those actions that bypassed congress. The Fed has promised to stop it's policy in March on Toxic assets, around that time, Freddie will pick it up. We shall see if the same level of secrecy is required on what was bought and what was paid for assets in 2010 at Freddie. It can kind of hide because it is an arm of the federal government with the illusion of being a private entity.

6) The executives at Freddie were just given banker level bonuses and salaries, despite the fact, they are working for a bankrupt government sponsored private entity that will never be solvent on its own merit again.

7) Lack of prosecutions. Alan Grayson is correct, 20% of our wealth has disappeared overnight, and no one has been held accountable for the biggest fraud in the history of the world. Like under Bush, the New York Attorney General appears to take his job and mandate more seriously than the SEC or the Attorney General of the United States of America.

I can continue if you really wish me to. This is the issue, I'm loaded for bear so to speak, because I read up on it everyday, follow it closely, and try to educate as many people as I possibly can where ever I'm at.

The reason why I don't begrudge the salaries and they are hard working savvy businessman has hit a nerve with everyone from to Paul Krugman, is that the words do match the actions or privatizing gains and putting losses on the public and CEOs taking huge profits while people can't find work, and a lot of people are fucking sick of it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun With Teabaggers

This is the weekend of the first annual tea party convention. Lucky teabaggers pay over $500 to attend, and much of that revenue goes to their heroine, quitter Sarah Palin. This won’t be my last entry about this said convention as I’m snowed in today and am using the time to catch up on blogging.

While reading about the teabag convention at Democratic Underground, I stumbled upon this comment posted from “teabagtommy” in the comments of the article

Here is the comment in question

I wanted to go but my retarded communist terrorist muslum wife wouldnt let me go. She also wouldnt let me go to Nashvle to see Sarah because her corns was hurtun her. My wife needs a good talkin too by Rush and Glen Beck they would tell her that we need to stop the aborshun dokters and stop aborshuns in the white house that aint white no more and that the retarded democrats better lisen to Sarah and the teabaggers because they are real smart and there wont be no phony soldiers there only real soldiers like Rush likes. Rush is a war hero just like Bill Oreilly and Shawn who also hates Obama and Joe the Plummer was kidnaped by Obama and the terrorists who want us to give lazy Hatis money so they can buy more crack from Obama. And now Obama wants to take our guns away so I'm gonna have to fix my sling shot I used to use it for keepin the wife in line but she broked it. She sure akes like a muslum. I hope she fails too like we hope America fails so Sarah can be Presidents with Glen Beck.

Read more: Thousands gather to see Sarah Palin in Salina -

Now this is either someone like me who spends times at blogs like Morons With Signs (on my blogroll) and doing this comment solely to make fun of the teabaggers or a complete moron. If this guy’s a fake, he’s a brilliant one and exposes the teabaggers for the morons that they are. Let’s assume for a second that this guy is real. The first conclusion that we can draw is that he did not pass the 5th grade due to his spelling and grammatical errors--- dude there’s a game show on TV for people like you. Second you seem to really hate people who are not like you (a common trait among teabaggers)—fine but why did you even consider marrying a Muslim? And Rush Limbaugh is a war hero? I thought he didn’t serve at all. Now Haitians use taxpayer money to buy crack from President Obama? Excuse me while I roll on the floor here. As for the guns issue--- in the year that President Obama has been in office he has made no attempts to reform our gun control laws, and that’s just a lie fed to you by Faux News. And if you use a sling shot to keep your wife in line—let’s just hope that she has 911 programmed in her phone because that’s called domestic violence.

If Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are on a winning ticket, I’m off to Canada. Fortunately I think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Liberals love their country too.

hilarious political ad

I don't normally get involved with state issues besides New Jersey, but when Rachel Maddow showed this commercial, I knew I had to share it.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I have not been intending to neglect this blog lately-- I care deeply about my readers and keeping this thing up.

However I've been suffering from a major case of writer's block lately and I have several halfway done posts for it. They'll be posted as soon as I finish it, I promise.

If you want to weigh in, what particular topics do you think I should focus on?