Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama's cabinet so far

Ok both Keith and Rachel were talking about how some of Obama's cabinet picks are not pleasing the left-wing bloggers and Obama's base. I consider myself a left-wing blogger (after all, you're not exactly reading Faux News approved material) and part of Obama's base. And I'm not furious with his cabinet announcements. I even expected him to keep a few Bush positions in office. I had cabinet picks in my head awhile ago (early summer), but so far none of mine have been right. I'm still holding out for Al Gore to head the EPA but realistically I don't see that happening.

I look at it like this. A cabinet is a team. Not all the appointments will be perfect, but they have to do a job for their boss, who will be Obama. No company I've worked for has ever had a perfect staff either. And given Obama's previous experiences, I think that he would fire anyone who's job he strongly disapproves of.

Another problem is that people are expecting a massive change. Yes Obama did campaign on change, and yes we will get that. However he does want experience around him too, and most Democrats with federal-level experience in the executive branch did serve in the Clinton years. Well if Obama returns us to the Clinton years, that would not be so bad either. Last time I checked, we did well in those years. I only wish I was old enough to reap the benefits of a Clinton economy.

Change WILL come, but not overnight.

I think this picture (from September) sums it up perfectly

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

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