Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bailouts again

I thought that I already made the last post about bailouts when I compared the blank check handed to Wall Street vs Detroit fighting for their lives.

This time the lame duck White House actually came through, and for the first time in his life, Dick Cheney actually said something smart (that did not have an evil consequence to it). The collapse of Detroit could lead to the 2nd Republican Great Depression.

I live in a region that is not very affected by the auto industry. We have dealers and service shops around here, but car manufacturing left this region years ago.

In the Senate, the GOP showed their true agenda, busting unions. If these workers were not unionized (because God forbid someone makes a livable wage, has healthcare and retirement benefits, and can actually AFFORD the product they're making). Not to mention that they fail to talk about their true base. The CEO. Their compensation adds about $2000 to the cost of every car. Do you hear them bitching about that? No.

President Bush ran on a "compassionate conservative" campaign in 2000. None of these conservatives are compassionate.

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