Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What the hell happened?

so New Jersey's no longer a solid blue state as it should be. We will soon have a Karl Rove protege as governor. Our great county is now in control of the Republicans. Here's what I posted on my Facebook page about this whole election:

What the fuck New Jersey? I thought you were better than this! WTF Asbury? WTF Long Branch--- I spend the last four days walking the streets and you can't even get out and vote? Hello!? Look where it got us--- we lost Trenton and we lost Monmouth County! What the hell do I have to do to get my fellow Democrats out to vote? People died for this right, and you just take it for granted. WTF?

That about sums up how I feel right now. And it surprised quite a few of my friends about this as I'm normally this calm nice girl. Not tonight. I see flashbacks to the 2004 election where the Democrats worked hard but ultimately did not show up. The same thing happened in New Jersey tonight. However the loss hits me so much harder tonight than it did in 2004. The great radio host Thom Hartmann always says to "get out there and get active and that Democracy begins with you." In 2004 I sat there. Yes I gave $20 to John Kerry's campaign. But other than that, I sat on my butt and didn't do anything to get him elected. I didn't knock on any doors, I did not make any phone calls, I did not street canvass, I did not ride on the Bus for Change and get people fired up. I watched the debates and results from home instead of with a group of fired up supporters. I did not bother in any of the local elections.

This time was different. I worked even harder on Corzine's campaign than I did on Obama's campaign. I paid attention to every race on the ticket instead of just the top. I even voted early. We got creamed in the county. Such great candidates, but ultimately all the campaigns could have been managed better. It came down to voter turnout. And ultimately the people that we needed to go get out and vote simply did not. The Democratic base lies largely in minorities and younger voters, who historically do not vote. I'm not sure what else can get them to learn the importance of voting in every election.


djpat2 said...

I hear ya. I was afraid of that when I voted this afternoon. This is how Whitman got in the last two times also. Dems , for some reason, don't get their base out like the Pubs do. I was not surprised with Monmouth County. They go Republican. I used to say I could put my dog on the ticket as a Republican and she would get in.

I guess NJ does not learn. Now we will have another charge and spend idiot in. We haven't paid off Whitman's mess yet. I would not be surprised if he bankrupts this state.

Caroline said...

I can see a some silver lining to this. First of all it sets up a Cory Booker run in 2013 who can mobilize Obama's base that did not GOTV.

I'm seriously thinking of trying to get to Freehold and taking on a role within the party. The party machine's too comfortable in NJ and I think the grass and net roots needs to take it back.

The sad thing about Monmouth county is that we actually have the advantage in voter registrations. I only wish just once that we would go Democratic. We also need to start showing up at the Freeholder meetings because we have another chance next year.