Friday, January 8, 2010

And the hypocrite of the decade goes to......

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I headed to Trenton today for the fourth time in with the faint hope of witnessing history. Instead I witnessed a community denied the basic civil right of marriage. Throughout the campaign for marriage equality, I also learned where the pockets of the LGBT population are. By using logic and common sense, one would think that the senator who admits that his district is "the gayest in the state" would vote in favor of allowing his LGBT constituents to marry. But clearly logic does not exist in Senator Sean Kean's (R-Monmouth) mind.

In the last five years, the city of Asbury Park has made a miraculous comeback. For the first time in over a generation people want to move to and visit Asbury Park. People are no longer afraid of walking down the streets of Asbury. One group of people is largely (and correctly) credited with Asbury Park's comeback. And Bruce Springsteen has nothing to do with this group. The group is the gay and lesbian community, who invested in Asbury Park's comeback. Now the city has a boardwalk with many new businesses, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. The gay community is as essential to Asbury Park's comeback as water is to an aquarium. Unfortunately the one person that Asbury Park counted on to be an ally in Trenton just threw the community where he works (in his non-government job) and his constituents under the bus. Today, Senator Kean, you threw your friends who own a restaurant in Ocean Grove, and helped you celebrate being elected, under the bus. I hope that they have the dignity to no longer call you their friend.

Today, Senator Kean, I am ashamed to call myself your constituent. I first contacted you Senator about the issue of marriage equality over a year ago, when I realized it could be on New Jersey's radar. I received a letter in response completely flipping my view and thanking me for "supporting traditional marriage" and was absolutely disgusted. (On a side note, can anyone in a traditional marriage who's marriage was negatively affected by someone else's same sex marriage please contact me.) As a legislator, you are welcome to disagree with me on an issue, but you have an obligation to listen to my opinion because ultimately you represent me. You did not listen to my opinion and instead flipped it, and that Senator is unacceptable behavior. I thought you would be a complete long shot on the issue when I first volunteered at Garden State Equality, and was pleasantly surprised to see you on the fence. However today on the senate floor, I saw more flip-flops from you than I see on a summer day on the beach. You had our hopes up and then let us down.

Senator Kean, after admitting that you represent "the gayest district in the state" why on earth would you vote against your constituents? On the senate floor today, you mentioned that this issue impacts "only a minority." But Senator, do you realize that more than the minority care about marriage equality? I've been fighting for marriage equality since June, and this is an issue that has no impact on me whatsoever. I'm a straight woman who is perpetually single. I take my right to marry for granted. But there are several people who have been in committed relationships for years that would love to get married, but New Jersey is keeping them from doing so even if their religion allows it.

Do you not realize that the gay community is very politically active? You do realize that your vote today possibly cost you any political future, including your senate seat. And don't think that your district is always Republican either, as President Obama carried the district in 2008. The fight has just begun, and this will be the first of many articles I write on the political future of Sean Kean. As a progressive community (gay and straight), we now have to mobilize. We need to find a candidate who can defeat Sean Kean, and make him regret his vote on marriage equality. If there was ever a call to action, this is it. As soon as I hear any news on a potential challenger to Sean Kean, I will update the Blue Jersey community and my readers at The Outspoken Liberal


djpat2 said...

I read in the Press Kean was torn between his faith and civil rights. What is there to be torn about? This is a civil rights issue. I am ashamed of this state. If I wanted to live in the South with the rednecks I would have moved there years ago. Kean and his side kicks need to take a good look in the mirror. Better yet, let them be denied the benefits that are being denied to gays here in NJ. That is the only way these jerks learn.

Caroline said...

Oh Kean will be denied benefits in 2011-- he will be denied re-election when the gay population in his district (which he describes as the gayest in the state) mobilizes to defeat him.
Sean Kean has a fan-page on Facebook with 385 supporters. There's another fan page (which I'm administering) on Facebook called "Unseat Sean Kean" that already has more supporters than he does. He's political toast, as is Jen Beck.

djpat2 said...

We need a Harvey Milk type to go after Kean. The problem is Monmouth County is rabid Republican. With Christie coming in, even more will stick together. I would love to see Kean and do nothing Jen Beck get tossed from office.

Caroline said...

Pat I agree. Jen Beck is a problem too. I've suggested to an openly gay Red Bank Councilman (I won't name his name but you may know who he is) that he challenges Beck, but his own term is up at same time and he wants to keep his seat-- understandable). The other thing with Jen Beck is that there's a strong rumor that she's going to try and go after Frank Pallone's congressional seat (I will do all in my power to stop that). The last thing we need is an R representing us.

Obama actually won Kean's district, however an openly gay challenger can help or hurt him depending on where you go (and in Asbury Park which side of the train tracks you're on-- I noticed this while campaigning for Corzine). Kean's last election was before the massive voter registration drives in 2008. Randy Bishop (Neptune mayor, assembly candidate in 2009) would be a great challenger for Kean. In 2011, there will be no Christie at the top of the ticket for the coattails.

Monmouth County is not as Republican as you might think. I did not look at the town by town election results for 2009 (I can't bring myself to), but in 2008 McCain only carried the county by 3 points. Democrats hold a voter registration advantage of around 10,000.

morguebabe said...

Totally agree Sean Kean was worst.