Monday, January 25, 2010

A note to my readers

I've noticed that a link to my blog has made it into right-wing political circles. To the readers of Free Republic, go away. You are just like the Republicans in Washington and want nothing else than to disrupt my agenda. I'm not an elected official, I write this as a hobby. I would prefer not to raise my blood pressure on you guys. I already had enough threats from the other side at my congressman's town hell meeting, and I certainly do not need them online.

I welcome an open and honest debate with you, but when you leave comments like "fuck off" they WILL be deleted.

I welcome the opportunity to have an honest poll, but I did not start this blog for a bunch of teabagging nutjobs to read. You guys have a whole channel on TV, you guys have blogs like Drudge, RedState, etc. I don't infiltrate your blogs, websites, etc and I would expect that you extend that courtesy to me.

Thank you.


Goombah said...

Don't waste your time trying to get an honest rational dialog with these right wing nuts that want nothing more than to disrupt your blog. My advice is to review all comments first before you post. Congratulations on your Blog and I look forward to following it.

home_chilled said...

You cannot expect mature behavior from juvenile delinquents. Better just to delete their little turd droppings and not waste any time worrying over them. They are basically adult toddlers. They need to be told what to do (ie "Show up at the Town Hall Meeting and yell at the top of your lungs") and what to say (keep screaming "no government run healthcare") because FOX news forbids them to think for themselves.

They also need to be told when to shut up because its quite obvious that their parents never taught them any manners. Keep a roll of duct-tape close by and apply it liberally to braying reichwing pieholes!

djpat2 said...

Look at it this way. You must have done something right for them to go after you. You hit a nerve.

Keep up the good work.