Sunday, March 21, 2010

pass the damn bill

Healthcare reform has been debated in Congress for almost a year. Now we’re at the finish line—today the House is going to vote on the Senate’s bill (that cannot be changed due to GOP obstructionism). The House will vote on the bill, and later a reconciliation amendment that can pass the Senate with 51 votes and would correct some of the worst pieces in the Senate bill.
As I have said before, this legislation is far from perfect. However if you look at the history of healthcare reform legislation, it’s the furthest we’ve gotten in a century. This alone must be looked at as a victory.

This legislation has not been without controversy. It is not a government takeover as Faux News tells their sheep, I mean viewers, that it is. I WISH it was a government takeover because I believe that our problem with the healthcare system is the profits. Government can do things without skimming so much off the top like for-profit companies do.
Some of the better items that have been left out of the current legislation have been introduced as separate bills. Perhaps this legislation should have been introduced as separate pieces of legislation (ie ending preexisting conditions in one bill, etc) but it’s too late now.

To my representative, Frank Pallone, thank you for all your hard work that you have done on this bill (as the rally outside your office yesterday showed). To the Democrats still on the fence (I highly doubt any of them are reading my blog), just do the right thing and vote yes on this bill. IT’s far from perfect but it can be fixed down the line.

And there will be one added bonus should this legislation pass. Hatemonger Rush Limbaugh promised he would leave the country if this bill passes. That should be reason alone for the Democrats to pass the bill.

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