Sunday, March 21, 2010

yes we can, yes we will, yes we did

Those were my words when I was driving home from Pennsylvania on Election night 2008. In fact it's the last status update I did on my Myspace profile. Well I am again crying tears of joy. For the first time in over a generation, healthcare reform has been passed. this

This bill is far from perfect, but thanks to the leadership of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, it was resurrected after the pundits called it dead after Scott Brown won MA. Tonight it is all but passed.

Remember that celebrating victory should be quick though. We still have a lot more work to do. Next thing we should focus on the Senate ending the antitrust exemption for the health insurance companies and to pass Alan Grayson's public option law.

The other thing that we have to do is work very hard to get the 220 Democrats who voted for this bill, including my representative Frank Pallone, re-elected in November. Yes we can!

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