Sunday, March 21, 2010

stay klassy teabaggers

The United States is about to witness history. Sometime today or tonight, healthcare reform legislation will be voted on (and should pass) the House of Representatives. This legislation is not perfect but it’s a long time coming. While the support for the bill is increasing among Americans (especially when one takes apart the legislation and asks about specific provisions of the bill such as ending the horrible business practices of the insurance companies), the opposition is still vocal than ever.

I’ve written about the tea party, or teabaggers (a term they originally called themselves before realizing that the term comes from porn and means a vulgar sex act) as I’ve called them are still as loud and vocal than ever. This is both on the ground and in the media. I’ve long considered the teabagger movement as a racist one, as it started only after President Obama took office (they were not opposed to his predecessor spending like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse without paying for his spending.) Some of the things they’ve said about President Obama have been racist.

However this weekend when they marched on Washington, their racism and bigotry was even more vocal. They called Representative Barney Frank, the only openly gay congressman, a f****t (rhymes with maggot) and Representative John Lewis a n****r. They also spit on Representative Emanuel Cleaver.

I get that they are opposed to the legislation. I get that they’re exercising their right to protest. However, spitting on people and using racial and homophobic slurs is not the way to do it. Hopefully this will let the public know that the tea party movement is just the Ku Klux Klan version 2.0.

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