Monday, September 7, 2009

a cry to arms from the opposition

The Freedom Center urgently needs your support!

We have plunged deeper than ever into the fight against the far left...we've had to. Now we're facing a budget emergency, and it could not come at a worse time. Barack Obama and the socialist leadership in Congress are working furiously to change America! They want to transform our nation and they're spending trillions of tax dollars to do it.

I am not talking about the type of misery Jimmy Carter inflicted on our nation. Conservatives were able to reverse the course Carter had put us on. But what we're seeing today isn't like anything you and I have ever seen! I'm talking about a whole scale, radical transformation of our nation. From our national defense to our foreign policy to our free market economic system - Obama and company have implemented and have plans to further implement massive government control over each of us.

Americans - your friends and neighbors - do not fully realize the radical changes Barack Obama and the socialists in Congress are foisting upon our way of life!

But you do. And you know I do as well. Today the Obamaites, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid - the small but powerful group of left-wing radicals who are at the controls of this transformation are all disciples of the 1960s radical Saul Alinsky. Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, was the Little Red Book for the college radicals of the 1960s. I know, I was one of them.

I understand better than most Alinsky's deep, deep hatred of America. A hate that ran so deep he wrote a blueprint for tearing our nation down. And while I outgrew and repented my anti Americanism and came to see how great and generous our country is, many agents of the radical left never grew up. In fact, today many of them are leaders in Congress and in our White House, all embracing Alinsky's Rules for Radicals - the road map for turning our nation upside down.

With every passing day we see what lays behind the Administration's piecemeal efforts to take over the car makers, the banks and the health care system: creating a new America that will bear little resemblance to the country in which we grew up. You and I must counter this. The Freedom Center willingly takes on the Paul Revere role. We have a massive media blitz planned including appearances on Glenn Beck and other widely viewed talk shows - detailing precisely the radical transformation we're undergoing.

I am writing a new booklet that I must blanket on college campuses as the new school year starts. This booklet - "Alinsky's Rules for Obama's Radicalism" - paints a clear picture of Barack Obama's agenda for our nation. And we have prepared an advertisement to run in papers around the country calling on Americans to derail this train before it's too late.

I urgently need your support. Will you help the Freedom Center with a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 would help lift us out of our budget emergency; $1,000 would be a terrific aid to getting our ads in newspapers and my new booklet published.

Use any of the links found in this email and help me and the Freedom Center expose the radicals and halt this transformation - while we still have time! Thank you .


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Please keep in mind that our budget emergency couldn't come at a worse time. The idea that the disciples of Saul Alinsky - a man who so hated America he detailed a plan to tear it apart - are running our nation is hard to swallow. But the facts bear it out. Stand with me and the Freedom Center as we ride like Paul Revere across the nation and sound the alarm! Please follow this link to make your donation today.

I shall respond to this piece of trash in my next post

EDIT: I originally found this piece of trash from the great folks at Democratic Underground.

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