Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letter from my Congressman

Glad to hear that people are still fighting for healthcare reform.

Dear Caroline,

Enough talk. It's time for action.

President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress helped focus the public’s attention on the urgent need for health insurance reform and the benefits of the reform plan in the House of Representatives, that I have spent more than a year working on. We have made a lot of progress. The plan has been approved by three committees and has generated a lot of support. That is more progress than any reform plan has ever achieved.
I've always believed health care is a fundamental right and not a privilege. I promise to work day-and-night to make sure we pass meaningful legislation that makes a real difference. This past summer, as I do every Congressional recess, I hosted town hall meetings in my district. This year, there were more attendees than ever before. As we've seen all across the country, the health care debate can at times be contentious, but that does not mean we should let our work be derailed.

I've continuously maintained that the public option is the best way to lower costs, increase marketplace competition and ensure that every American has affordable coverage. It is important, I believe, that everyone has choices, the ability to choose their doctors and the ability to choose their insurance plan. It is also important that insurance companies have competition. They should compete for our business, not tell us what they’ll cover and how they’ll do it.

Now is truly the season for action. We're so close to real health care reform. As President Obama said, this will issue will define America's moral character. We need your help, your voice and your passion to get this crucial legislation passed, once and for all.


Frank Pallone, Jr.

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djpat2 said...

Let's hope Pallone follows through. He has a solid backing in our district. He really got sandbagged at that tea party you attended but it looks like logic is now coming out across the nation. The loud mouths are being silenced and plain logic is winning. Let's see what happens.