Friday, September 11, 2009

where were you?

It's now been 8 years since the 9/11 attacks. If you're anything like me, you still know exactly where you were when you found out, like it was yesterday.

I was asleep when it happened. My dad called me at 8:30 or so and all he told me was "turn on the TV" and did not state a reason. Since that is so unlike him, I listened. Living in metro NY then, the network stations were out (broadcast from the top of the WTC) so I put on CNN and was in disbelief the whole day.

The night before, I went to a Yankees/Red Sox game that was never played due to rain. The following day all I could think about was "what if they attacked Yankee Stadium when over 50K people were there."

I had a co-worker who lost his brother, sister, and sister-in-law in the attacks. One of my classmates at the time worked in the WTC and called in sick that day. Who knew that missing work would save his life (nobody from his company survived). I'm reminded of them every day when I walk around town, as there are 4 benches right next to each other in memory of first responders who died in the attacks.

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djpat2 said...

I was at work. I remember my boss coming and saying a plane flew into one of the towers. I asked him if it was on purpose. He didn't know. Then he came back later saying another plane hit the other tower. So that answered my question. My autistic son was born on 9/11/86. His school called to cancel his party and come get him. He was up at DDD in Ruetgers's. We went to get him and took the TurnPike home. From the pike we could see the smoke rising. It was terrible. A day later, we actually could smell the smoke as it drifted here to LongBranch, NJ.