Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Town Halls

After witnessing the riot act better known as Frank Pallone's town hall (and the TV clips of town halls around the country), I think that things need to be done differently so that people can actually be (gasp!) civil towards each other, and respect elected officials.

1) I would limit the town halls to constituents only. In order to prove that you LIVE in the district, I would require ID to be shown.
2) Anyone who speaks out of turn or shouts someone down should be ejected by the security at the event immediately.
3) No firearms allowed.
4) No signs/banners/flags should be allowed to be brought inside.
5) Upon entry, everyone in attendance should be given an index card. If they have a question for the Congresscritter/Senator, they should write it on that index card. Have a neutral 3rd party read over the questions and ask them. The 3rd party should read "this question is from John Doe from Anytown, John would you please stand up" so the Congresscritter knows who asked the question.

These simple options would make the last month so much more civil.

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djpat2 said...

I agree. How many people at this meeting were from the district and how many were from out of state? I have lived in NJ for 30 years. I have never seen a disabled person so badly treated before. These people were cruel. NJ is much better than this.