Monday, September 21, 2009

Is the GOP becoming a reigional party?

This chart (courtesy of Mother Jones) shows the regional favorings of the GOP. Notice the difference between the South and the rest of the country. I often wonder about their future. Are they going to become regional, or is a new conservative party going to form? This is what happens when you kick moderates out of your party.

I can't speak for the demographics of the South as I have never (nor do I intend to) live there.

I'd like to see the same survey regional surveying the favorability of the Democratic party. I wonder if it would be the same. Their stronghold is the northeast and the west coast.

Where the hell are the Democrats? Why are they not trying to cash in big time on this? I swear I need to take back my own party.


home_chilled said...

What is the south currently contributing to this nation besides strife and nonstop whining?

OK, I'll concede that their misspelled signs at their tea-baggings do have entertainment value, BUT they have nothing else of value to offer to America.

Caroline said...

well you must realize that the South is also mostly states who take more federal $$$ than they give to Washington. So they whine and whine yet we're subsidizing it. Lovely.

djpat2 said...

I swear...the South is always whining about leaving on their own. I wish they would. What have they contributed to the rest of the country lately? They have the highest pregnancy rate with teens, their unemployment is right up there and they seem to be a haven for the white right wing nut jobs. Their education level also sucks. I have spent much time in Ga. in the 80's. The mentality of those people blew me away. They looked down on blacks then. I doubt if it is much different now. I had to bite my tongue alot while I was there.