Monday, September 7, 2009

Response to David Horowitz

Dear Mr. Horowitz--

I agree with you that we are facing a budget emergency, and we have been since 1/20/01. Were you this vocal when opposing your boy George W. Bush when he redistributed massive amounts of wealth to the people who needed it the least in the form of tax cuts, most of which benefited the top 1% of income earners? Were you this vocal in your opposition when Bush also started a war under false pretenses and put it on the United States Visa card? We lost 8 billion dollars in cold hard cash in Iraq? Were you concerned with the deficit then?

I was just a baby when Carter left office. Sure he made some mistakes, but in hindsight he was absolutely right. I could just imagine the path this country would be on had Reagan never been elected. For one thing, we wouldn't have been at war for oil because Carter actually believed in alternative energy.

You seriously think that President Obama is a radical leftist? I would definitely disagree with you. Last year during the election cycle he was frequently called the "most liberal" Senator. I think Senator Bernie Sanders would disagree with you. Senator Sanders actually DOES call himself a Socialist and is not afraid to admit it. Compared to Senator Sanders, the people you mentioned in your letter look as far right as Reagan. And Rahm Emanuel is far from a leftist. In fact most on the left do not like the man, as he's a corporatist at heart with a brother in the health industry.

You seriously think college students are the next great hope for conservatism? Let's take a look at what a generation who does not remember Reagan got from 29 years of conservative rule. Many will graduate with massive student loan debt thanks to federal funding cuts for their education. And because of the bankruptcy laws that Republicans push with their "personal responsibility" talking points, should the worst happen, the debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. And that magical high-paying job that is sold to college students has now been outsourced to India thanks to conservative economic policies. If the Obama administration does not fix health care, many college will be uninsured the day they graduate thanks to the current system when they are no longer covered by their parents' plan.

You brag about doing a media tour and tout Glenn Beck. And you want to target young people by going on Fox news? Have you taken a look at the demographics of who watches Fox? It is most likely the grandparents of the college students you would like to target. And Glen BecKKK should just admit who he really is and appear on his show wearing a white hood and burning a cross.

You will not get one dime of my money. Never will so you might as well just kiss me goodbye right now. And don't let the door hit you on the way out. President Obama has promoted bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle, but I often wonder why he still does when all you guys do is spread lies like this piece of trash around.



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